Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one untrodden country that is yet to be discovered completely although it features endless beaches, huge groups of elephants, famous tea plantations and flavourful food.

Although more and more people discover Sri Lanka and its myriad charms, it is undeniably the most unexplored regions of Southeast Asia. The country boasts of alluring natural beauty, 2000-plus years of rich culture, legendary temples with intricate details and evocative colonial fortresses. Safari tours are quite popular here, while one can stand awestruck looking at the oldest living human-planted tree or marvel at beautiful birds and wildflowers. Experience an epic surfing adventure amidst the dazzling beaches and then stroll between verdant tea plantations and rainforests!

Why Sri Lanka?

  • Pristine land with multiple terrains
  • Legendary temples, stupas and fortresses
  • 2000-year old rich cultural heritage
  • Rare sight of hundreds of elephants together
  • Lush green tea plantations with wonderful views
  • Dazzling untrodden beaches

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